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Press ‘Play’ for a sample of Valentina Igoshina.

The other Saturday night, Paris Karin and I abandoned my kids to their own devices (i.e. the remote controls) and headed down to the Théâtre du Châtelet to watch a classical double header: Valentina Igoshina and Sylvain Blassel. The first part of the concert (sponsored by Intégral Classic and Lontano Productions) was Valentina Igoshina, a young and beautifully talented Russian pianist who played selections from her latest CD for my boorish ears. Here’s how that went down…

19:41 She’s dyed her hair blonde since the album cover shoot. Looks nice.

19:43 “Claire de Lune”. If I know the song, everyone knows it.

19:48 Wow, what a beautiful version. I’ve never really heard this song until now. #Passionate

19:49 She tricked everybody into clapping by hesitating toward the end of the song so everyone thought it was over. I almost fell for it but didn’t. #Gauche

19:50 Second song is tons spunkier. I think it’s Chopin and you’re not here to tell me it isn’t.


Knock Knock.

Who’s there?


Chopin who?

Chopin bag.

19:53 Her fingers are more magical than 25¢ motel bed massages.

19:57 I like her because she’s very passionate about these songs. She plays with the intensity of a rock and roll drummer.

20:03 She introduced the songs and apologized for her (good) French in a Russian accent.

20:13 A nocturne by Chopin. Visions of cigarette smoke in a blue lit room bright with the night of the moon.

20:17 Ooh, if this is a nocturne then it seems Chopin had problems sleeping.

20:18 Wow, I think she just outplayed the piano. Like running faster than your legs.

20:20 “Un rêve d’amour” de Liszt.

20:22 Oh! I get it! She’s making a joke with tonight’s program! Chopin-Liszt. Right!? “Shopping List”! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

20:23 Actually, I know this song, too. Dude, I’m a lot more classical than we thought, yo.

20:25 She seems so into the song that she’s not even in the same room with us anymore.

20:26 A “tarantella” by Liszt. Is it just me, or does “tarantella” sound like an order in an Italian restaurant? #JustMe

20:31 Very moving, like freshly made rain.

20:37 I didn’t think my French was so bad, but it sounded like she said the song was inspired by things found in a kitchen.

20:39 I hate these rock star encores when you have to clap forever just to get them to come back for 3 more minutes.

All photos © Paris Paul Prescott 2011