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A few nights ago I took my annual stroll down the “plus belle avenue du monde / most beautiful avenue in the world” to take in the lights. Here’s what the Champs Elysées looks like this holiday season!

Used 2013-11-30 01 Arc de Triomphe (Paris Paul Prescott) PB280010j

I started at the top, at the Place de l’Etoile, and its most famous resident, the Arc de Triomphe.

Then I headed down the avenue.

 Used 2013-11-30 02 Champs Elysées Lights 01 (Paris Paul Prescott) PB280026e  Used 2013-11-30 03 Champs Elysées Lights 02 (Paris Paul Prescott) PB280034b

To the Rond-point des Champs Elysées-Marcel Dassault…

Used 2013-11-30 04 Champs Elysées Lights 03 (Paris Paul Prescott) PB280050a

 Used 2013-11-30 05 Champs Elysées Lights 04 (Paris Paul Prescott) PB280068c

And then I finished up at the Place de la Concorde, with the Grande Roue (Big Wheel) and the Jardin des Tuileries / Tuileries Gardens.

 Used 2013-11-30 06 Eiffel Tower Obelisk Luxor (Paris Paul Prescott) PB280010jPB280075-001d Used 2013-11-30 07 Eiffel Tower Grand Roue Jardin Tuileries (Paris Paul Prescott) PB280079gab

Happy Holidays to all!

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