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For every Fashionista victim in the City of Light, there are those of us who think Hermes is an STD and that Chanel 5 is between Channels 4 & 6.

Channels 4 & 6

For every one of you trapped in Dior straits, there is one of us sporting a shirt we got on sale at Tati.

For every framed Paris picture captured on a camera more talented than its owner, there are those of us stuck snapping photos off our cell phones. [For more pictures of the Tati / Barbès area, check out my Barbès–Rochechouart: Photography in a War Zone photo blog.]

For every patron at the Taillevent restaurant, there is a Parisian for whom “dining out” means grabbing a kebab-frites with tickets restos.

Trailer Park Paris: This latest category of my reality chaud is dedicated to those of us who think Paris is a City of Bug Lights. Stay tuned.


Here’s a thought… Why not hold a Trailer Park Paris Saloon for the Trailer Park Parisians who are not leaving this August? We could hold it here at Karin’s and my place. It would be BYOB (Bring Your Own Bud light) but she and I would provide all the Leader Price cacahuète flavored cheetos you could eat. If you’re interested and are in the city anytime between August 7 and 21, let me know in the comments section. If we get at least 5 people who can come, then it’s on!